4 thoughts on “Connecting the Dots

  1. Dear Jerome,

    It was great meeting you yesterday at the Governors Island Art Fair! I enjoyed your interesting and inspiring artworks (and our conversation!) very much.

    I am so excited to find this video! It gives me a glimpse into your thinking and working process. Wonderful!



  2. Jerry!!
    It’s been, uh, maybe 30 years since? What, was it Venice, California or Maui, Hawaii? Yikes, I can’t remember! All I know is that I came across your name, googled and was blessed to see your video (and great work by John Nicols?) “Connecting the dots,” to my dismay, although you weren’t heard speaking a word in it, it spoke volumes about your creativity and sincerity – and having serious fun producing through what you do. I loved it (was that Coltrane?), seeing you at work, remembering that great person you are now and at our younger times as well.



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