I was born in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1942. My journey as an artist began in 1965 while studying law at Washington University. Near the end of my graduate work, I realized that art, not law, would be my life’s work.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, I exhibited work at the Los Angeles Artists Association and the Comsky Gallery. During this period, I associated with a group of Los Angeles light and space minimalists. Those artists were instrumental in the formation of my aesthetic as an abstract artist.

Since 1981, I have made my home on Lopez Island in northern Puget Sound. My work is the product of time spent studying the light and lines on the southern coast of Lopez Island Washington for many years. The lines are drawn using a set of templates designed to symbolize and then deconstruct what I see — mountains, wind, clouds, tides, swells, shorelife, boats, and debris. I work in a small studio on the remote southern headlands of the island.


Pratt Gallery, New York, 2017

Drawing Center, New York, 2010

Jericho Ditch, Virginia, 2010

Anchor Gallery, Washington, 2009

Lopez Library, Lopez, Washington, 2007

Comsky Gallery, Beverly Hills, Group Shows, 1971-1974

Los Angeles Artists Association, Los Angeles,1969-1972

The Drawing Center, Selections Sea Marks, 2010.

Jerome Marshak, marsh at rockisland.com